About Me

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My name is Aaron Krauss. I’m a full stack developer based out of Edmond, Oklahoma (near Oklahoma City). I was born in Germany in 1990, grew up in a German culture for 6 years, and still speak moderately fluent German. I currently work at Clevyr as a senior software engineer, and engage in miscellaneous development on my own time.


I have been coding since I was 14 in my first high school programming class, and I’ve become a major polyglot programmer since then. Starting with Visual Basic (anyone remember that?), I then went on to learn Java, C, C++, HTML, CSS, VB.NET, C#, Javascript, SQL, NoSQL DBs, Ruby, Python, PHP, Shell, Git, Io, Prolog…. The list could go on and on.

I’ve gotten to work on some pretty cool things in my past, such as a Lego Mindstorm robotics project, a Term Frequency/Inverse Document Frequency search engine, interactive web forms for the FAA, and that was all just while in college. I’ve learned a ton more since then.

My background is that of a back-end developer, specializing in object-oriented programming in both software and web development. I prefer to program in a Unix-based environment, utilizing the terminal heavily for everything. My main skills here are Ruby/Rails, PHP, Python, SQL, NoSQL, APIs, Node.js, Angular.js, Ember.js, and a little bit of Go.

I don't work only on the back-end though; I've used a bunch of HTML5, Sass, Javascript, build automation, CMSs like Wordpress, ModX, Umbraco, and Craft CMS, and some enterprise web app development using .NET, Rails, Angular, and React. I use Foundation and Bootstrap when I need to, but I usually opt to build completely custom styles. Check out my projects to see what I’ve been working on!

My Interests

I love tea. Not your everyday grocery store tea though. I usually purchase my tea from special vendors with direct tea farmer relationships so that I can know exactly what province it was plucked in, and what month it was plucked.

I love walking my dog. I find it super relaxing, I get to experience raw sunlight (something us developers don’t do often enough) and I’m giving both me and my dog exercise.

I love learning. Anything from educational podcasts, YouTube videos, books - if I can learn from it, then I'm interested. I know most people like learning things - but this has become a serious passion of mine. I truly want to learn everything there is to learn.

I love craft beer. I love experiencing all the various styles of beer; as long as it's not a session beer, then I'm probably gonna like it. I even homebrewed some batches of beer for a while! I was born in Germany, so maybe it stems from that a little bit. You’ll never see me go to a bar and order a bottle. It has to be on tap. My friends call me a beer geek, but I just don’t want to appreciate it unless it’s in its finest form.

I love Layla. We have been dating for over 12 years, and recently got married! She's the coolest, most down-to-earth person I've ever met, and it's so awesome to be the lucky guy who gets to have her. I couldn’t imagine a life without her, and hanging out with her – doing anything – is always my favorite thing to do. I love her. She’s an incredibly talented dietitian too!


That's it!