What We’ve Been Working on at Clevyr Labs

Aaron Krauss talks about what his team has been working on at Clevyr Labs. Aaron is a developer at Clevyr and Clevyr Labs where he builds data-driven applications and games in JavaScript, .NET, Ruby, Shell, and anything else awesome.

Talk: Building Pong in Native JavaScript

Aaron Krauss will be giving an introduction to game development using plain JavaScript, meaning no libraries or plugins. He’ll be coding out a single-player pong game, and discussing how to take it to the next level by turning it into a full-blown breakout game (often called brick-breaker).

This talk is very introductory – no previous experience necessary. We’ll discuss how core game mechanics work in the browser, collision detection, the game loop, and more! At the end, he’ll review some of the popular game libraries available today, and how you can start to get your feet wet with JavaScript game development too!

Talk: Intro to Programming

In this talk, Aaron will review what it?s like to be a developer, his day-to-day, when you would use different languages, some basics that all programming languages have (variables, looping, functions, etc.), important aspects of coding in a team environment, and then segue into an overview about some the more common strategies of programming: object-oriented, procedural, and functional.

Talk: Python vs Ruby

Python and Ruby share a lot of similarities both syntactically and by design – probably moreso than most other common languages you hear about today – but they’re clearly different languages with different ways of doing things.

In this talk, you’ll hear Aaron Krauss (aka “The Ruby Guy”) talk about how Ruby works compared to Python. Most of the presentation will be live-coding driven, and if you have specific questions about how Ruby works, Aaron will be more than happy to interactively answer them and code them out. This talk will be completely unbiased – which means you should come with that mentality in mind as well! Neither Ruby nor Python are “better” than the other – they’re just different, and that’s what we’ll be focusing on!

Talk: Getting Started with F#

F# is a functional programming language that runs within the .NET framework. In this talk, we’ll learn what it means to be a functional language and how F# ties this together with the rest of the .NET framework. Everything will be live-coded, so you’ll get to see exactly how things work as they’re coded out. This talk is very beginner friendly to both functional and .NET development alike – so come join us!

Talk: What Meta Tags Your Site should be Using

There are tons of valuable tags you should be placing within the <head> tag that can really make your site more valuable, accessible, and help showcase it on social media platforms before people even click on links to your site. In this talk, we?re going to go through which tags you should absolutely be placing in the <head> tag of your site if you want to get the maximum exposure and shareability possible. All of these are <meta> tags ? with the exception of one ? and the majority of them are related to how links to your site will render when shared on various social media platforms.