Git Basics – A YouTube #Shorts Series

Git Basics is a 15-episode YouTube #Shorts series that I created for OKC WebDevs over the Git Version Control Tool. It includes entire workflows including basic Git usage such as managing repositories, creating and pushing commits, branching, and more – as well as how Git relates to GitHub. Check OKC WebDevs out at!

Zero Downtime Deployments with Modern DevOps Tools

Deploying your applications with zero downtime isn’t just a dream; it’s a reality that you can and should be living in today. Gone are the days when you need to take the entire system down to deploy your updates, lose money throughout that time, and likely have a team implement those updates during off-hours.

Imagine the following situation: Every time you add features to your products, both big and small, those features automatically get validated to your business’s specific requirements and deployed in the exact setup catered to your needs – all with complete confidence that your product will be 100% available that entire time. No more downtime, no more off-hours, no more loss of revenue. The best part of all is that you and your development team can start implementing this architecture right now with modern tools that are available to everyone.

In this talk, we’ll zone in on the tools behind this revolution: Kubernetes, CI/CD, Docker, and more. At Clevyr, we use these and other modern tools daily to facilitate our workflows, and we continuously strive to make optimizations as new tools and patterns hit the floor. Our speakers, Aaron Krauss and Gabe Cook, will give you a head start you need to implement zero-downtime deployments for your organization.

InnoTech 2021 Talk Link

How Swift Works Under the Hood

In this talk, we’ll dig into everything that makes up the Swift programming language. It’s history, fundamental programming concepts of the language, how it relates to Objective-C, how it runs on iOS devices, its programming paradigm, how Swift has changed since it’s inception, how Storyboard vs SwiftUI work, and the future of Swift. No matter how talented you are with Swift, it’s always helpful to have a refresher on how the language as a whole functions behind-the-scenes (which might answer your questions on why certain things are the way they are!). He’ll also show off a fun, simple Swift app he’s been working on for use with his new son!

Building an Efficient ETL Process with Laravel

Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes have been around for a long time in programming, and they’re not too challenging to understand: you take data from one or many sources (legacy DB, SAP, third-party data lake, spreadsheets, etc.), transform it to fit your own application’s workflows, and then load it into your own data sources. You can use ETL processes for syncing data across sources, migrating legacy data, aggregating multiple data sources, and more.

As you might expect, ETL processes involve a lot of data, and it’s up to you to ensure that you’re building a nice, lean ETL process. No one wants an ETL process that takes hours to run if it’s possible to run it in minutes. In this live-demo talk, we’ll use Laravel to implement an ETL process where we start with a functioning yet inefficient scenario and step-by-step turn it into a lean, mean ETL process. No prior Laravel knowledge is necessary, just an open mind. We’ll review writing efficient database queries, architecting your code to avoid common inefficient pitfalls, and more.

Talks: How to GraphQL

In this talk with Aaron Krauss, we?ll explore what GraphQL is, what problems it solves, what problems it creates, and how you can go about implementing it in your favorite language. We?ll also have a live GraphQL demo built in Ruby – which will be a great opportunity to experience Ruby if you haven?t used it yet!

Talks: Metaprogramming in Ruby

In this talk, we’ll review how you can start metaprogramming in Ruby. Ruby is a powerful language but it?s more than just syntax that makes it awesome. Ruby gives you the ability to write some really powerful code that other languages can?t do, things like modifying existing classes, accessing and modifying private instance variables, defining methods, gaining access to defined classes just by a string variable, and so much more, all at runtime!

Talks: Accessibility for the Web

In this talk, we’ll be talking about designing accessibility for the web – from a developer’s perspective! Despite what we envision, not every user is 100% flawless as far as mental and physical capabilities go – and there’s no excuse for ignoring that. Building an accessible product almost always leads to a much more well-architected product – so it’s a win-win.

In this talk, we’ll discuss the tools and strategies you can use to aid users with visual, auditory, cognitive, and motor impairments. We’ll discuss contrast, colors, content, keyboard flows, screen readers, section 508 – as well as some development concepts such as skip menus, the accessibility tree, hover and focus indicators, ARIA properties, and more.

There’s a lot that developers and designers can do to aid users with impairments – so let’s do it!