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Turner Falls in South Central Oklahoma


Check out some of the larger projects I’ve worked on. In every project listed below, I have been the lead developer. Also, check out my labs page to see some smaller demos and other fun personal projects I’ve done.

OK Dept of Commerce

Project Type: CMS Website

Tools Used: Wordpress, HTML, Sass, JS, jQuery, Masonry.js, Grunt.js

Developed at Company: Staplegun


Project Type: Cross-Platform Mobile App w/ Native Swift/Java Plugins

Tools Used: Ionic, Swift, Java, Angular, HTML/CSS, Bluetooth

Company: Clevyr


Project Type: CMS Website

Tools Used: Craft CMS, Twig, HTML, Sass, JS, Gulp.js

Guess Match Trivia

Project Type: Mobile Game

Tools Used: Python, Unity (C#), MongoDB, Redis, TCP/UDP

Company: Clevyr

OEA - No to High Stakes

Project Type: Front-end Web App

Tools Used: HTML, Sass, JS, OpenStates API, Gulp.js, PHP, GoogleScript

Company: Staplegun