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Designing with Developers in Mind

This 40 min talk was originally given on August 31, 2023 at OKC Design + Tech, hosted at Clevyr in Oklahoma City, OK.

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In this talk, we’ll focus on how designers can improve their processes before, during, and after the design phase to make the most of their experience with developers. You’ll come out of this talk with actual tasks that you can implement today; not just big-picture concepts. And lastly, we’ll talk about what is appropriate for you to ask of your development team while they are in the development phase because this collaboration works both ways.

Designers and developers collaborate more today than they ever have, but no one said that collaboration is easy. Designers often claim developers willingly skimp on implementing the designs, just as developers often claim that the designs are too challenging or may not reflect a changing scope. But if you think about it realistically, devs and designers all have the same goal: to create an effective product while staying within a set amount of resource constraints (time, budget, etc.). That means that there’s a right way to collaborate, and it requires effort on both ends

I’m looking forward to sharing some of the inside scoops of what he has learned over a decade of working with designers.