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Zero Downtime Deployments with Modern DevOps Tools

Deploying your applications with zero downtime isn’t just a dream; it’s a reality that you can and should be living in today. Gone are the days when you need to take the entire system down to deploy your updates, lose money throughout that time, and likely have a team implement those updates during off-hours.

Imagine the following situation: Every time you add features to your products, both big and small, those features automatically get validated to your business’s specific requirements and deployed in the exact setup catered to your needs – all with complete confidence that your product will be 100% available that entire time. No more downtime, no more off-hours, no more loss of revenue. The best part of all is that you and your development team can start implementing this architecture right now with modern tools that are available to everyone.

In this talk, we’ll zone in on the tools behind this revolution: Kubernetes, CI/CD, Docker, and more. At Clevyr, we use these and other modern tools daily to facilitate our workflows, and we continuously strive to make optimizations as new tools and patterns hit the floor. Our speakers, Aaron Krauss and Gabe Cook, will give you a head start you need to implement zero-downtime deployments for your organization.