The 3 Rules of Dev Blogging

This post covers a short lightning talk I gave at OKC.js this past Tuesday, March 15, 2016 over the 3 Rules of Dev Blogging. The format’s a little bit different (okay – very different) from my normal blog posts – but that’s because I wrote this post to be the actual slides for my talk. Happy reading if you can follow along with my short notes!


Rule 0: Pick a Platform

  • WordPress
  • Ghost.js
  • Medium
  • Many others


Rule 1: Write about 2 things

  1. Things you know really well
    1. Tutorials, Explanations of Concepts, etc.
  2. Things you don’t know at all


Rule 2: Schedule Your Posts

Write your blog posts in advance, and schedule them.

Figure out what release schedule works for you. Every month? Every other month?

Start with a longer release schedule


Rule 3: Market Yourself

Blogging is more fun when you know people are reading what you write

Inner Circle

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Outer Circle

  • Reddit
  • Google+ Communities
  • Hacker News


The End

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