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I love being involved in my tech community

Here are some of the groups that I help manage and volunteer with:


Hi, I’m from Oklahoma City, OK, and I’m a technical lead at Clevyr with well over a decade of experience as a developer. I’m incredibly involved in my tech community, and even organize one of OKC’s largest developer meetup groups.

My favorite projects are those that are workflow-heavy involving Laravel, Flutter, Go, Ruby, Python, SQL, Swift, Docker, CI/CD, and more. Then, I always enjoy building a solid, responsive front-end using tools like Tailwind CSS, Vue, and of course, vanilla JavaScript. Craft CMS is pretty neat too.

Other than coding, I like brewing a hot cup of tea, making cocktails, longboarding, and hanging out with my wife Layla and sons Cyrus & Lucas.

Here's some of my portfolio

Along with a bit of my featured work